Courtney Pinter


Courtney Pinter
17 Jul 2019

Harmoni Preskool’s Beach Clean-Up Day!

On the 27th of June, our N2 and K1 students set out to East Coast Park to participate in our very first Beach Clean-Up Day! We have been studying the harmful effects of pollution and litter in class, so we were very excited to do our part to help save marine life and keep our Singapore beaches clean!  Our day started with a group discussion on safety measures we should take when cleaning up litter. 

We then split up into three groups and spread to different areas of the park to help clean up litter! 

Our students did an excellent job, as they worked together to find and clean up 4 bags worth of rubbish! 

We ended our day with a delicious snack on the beach, making sure to pick up all of our rubbish, of course! :) 

We can’t wait for our next SSDB activity!

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