Darwini Azmi

Apricot Academy (Laguna)

Darwini Azmi
26 Apr 2019

We Speak for the Environment! SDDB Launch 2019

As we explained more to the children about the topic that we’ve adopted this year, Caring for the Environment, they were excited to contribute many ideas and suggestions on what they could do! 

The Kindy 1 classes went around the neighbourhood to do litter-picking. They decided to do this as they were concerned and wanted to try the 3Rs ( Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) themselves. Surprisingly, the children found plenty of litter on the ground, near the playground and other resting areas. To end the day, they tried their hands at sorting the different materials they had picked! 

Kindy 2 decided to practice their green fingers by creating a mini garden near the school. After learning more about gardening, they did the activity by collaborating with their younger schoolmates, the N2 class. Through this activity, not only did the children learn more about growing plants and taking care of them, it encourages the children’s social and interaction skills! 

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