Li Mei Hwa

My First Skool @ Boon Lay Blk 180B

Li Mei Hwa
13 Aug

We created costumes for a competition by upcycling!

The K1 and K2 children participated in Abbott’s Show You Can! Competition 2019. In the midst of rehearsing and prepping for the competition, we began sourcing for materials to create costumes needed for the skit. 

As our skit revolves around the animals of Antarctica, we needed costumes and props for our penguins, snow petrels, leopard seals, fishes and whale!

We had the support from the school and parents by having them contributing old bedsheets, tablecloths and cardboard boxes. 

We then upcycled these materials and created unique and one of a kind costumes for each of the characters!

Our penguins!

Our snow petrels with their costumes made from an old grey mattress cover!

Our fish made from cardboard boxes, CD and other materials!

Our whale made from cardboard boxes!

Our snow petrels, made from table cloths and old caps covered with aluminum foil and paper mache

It was an successful event and it provided a good opportunity for the children to gain some stage experience while doing something GREEN!

We were also ecstatic as we were one of the finalists of this year!

  • Teacher Mei

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