Bright Juniors @ Yishun

13 Aug

Water Ration Exercise in Bright Juniors @ Yishun

We continued our effort to save water and make every drop count. Water ration exercises are conducted once in a month to revise on the importance of water and ways to save it.

Using the pails and jerry cans provided by Public Utilities Board, the children also learnt other values such as teamwork and taking turns as they assisted each other in filling up the pails.

To add to the excitement, the kids were intrigued by the beeping device known as the ‘5 minutes shower’ timer. During their shower, they pressed their timer to keep their shower to 5 minutes only. They laughed and giggled as the timer beeped at the end of 5 minutes. They stepped out of the shower, proud to have helped saved precious water. Way to go kids!

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