Nurul' Kamilliya Binte Kamil

Learning Vision @ Nanyang Polytechnic

Nurul' Kamilliya Binte Kamil
6 Oct 2017

Volunteer work @ Willing Hearts: showing appreciation

The K1 level embarked on a second activity to show appreciation, this time to the Willing Hearts foundation. 

Willing Hearts is a non-profit organisation that cooks up about 5000 meals a day and distributes them to the elderly, disabled and the poor. 

We decided to let the children volunteer at the Willing Hearts kitchen where they will do their part in helping to lighten the workload of the volunteers working at the kitchen. 

Our children happily shredded vegetables that will go into the food that will help to feed others in need 

After helping out in the kitchen, the children went out to distribute tokens of appreciation to the workers of Willing Hearts. 

The K1 children had designed Thank You ezlink cards that were sent for printing and loaded with a sum of money to be given to these unsung heroes as our way of saying we appreciate the hardwork that these workers are doing. Dedicating many hours a day, standing in the hot kitchen to cook 5000 meals daily and then distributing them islandwide is no easy feat! 

Ezlink cards designed by our K1 children. 

Distribution of ezlink cards to show our appreciation for all the hardwork these people at Willing Hearts do! 

We also donated money collected by our encouraging and supportive parents back at the centre and by the people working at NYP who support our cause to show appreciation to those who deserve recognition! 

Thank you auntie for helping to keep our environment clean! 

We hope that through this project, the children have instilled in themselves empathy and kindness to recognise people who dedicate their time and effort to make others’ lives easier. 

Great job, K1 children!

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