Brenda Chua

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Brenda Chua
31 Aug 2017

Understanding the elderly

N2 and K1 children embarked on the theme “Caring For The Elderly”. 

They started off the project by doing a “show and tell”  activity about their grandparents. They brought in photos and shared about their grandparents - their likes and dislikes, favourite activity, usual habits or routines, etc. They also described their observations of their grandparents and made inferences to why they think their grandparents enjoy or need to do some of their usual habits or routines.

K1 children used watercolor paints to paint a portrait of their grandparents. They also described their physical appearances based on their observations. Phrases or words such as “wrinkles, has skin that looks like it is going to drop, not a lot of teeth left, white hair, more and more lines everywhere” were verbalized by the children as they were painting. Different strokes of the paintbrush represent different observations made by the children.

N2 children explored dressing up as elderly and moving around with walking aids. They role-played based on their observations of how some elderly moved around with walking aids. They shared how some elderly moved around with their back hunched and the walking aids were used to support them when walking from place to another.

They also shared how their grandparents wore spectacles to assist them to see better as their spectacles ”make things look bigger”, similar to magnifying glasses.

In this initial phase of understanding the elderly, the children had gathered observations and information about their grandparents before coming together to consolidate their gathered information, relating these information to the elderly around them.

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