Teacher Sya

Bright Kids @ Pasir Ris

Teacher Sya
9 May

Tiny Heroes

On the 29th of April, Bright Kids @ Pasir Ris launched our very first SSDB party. Parent and families were invited to be a part of this exciting event. To kick off the party, our centre principal, Ms Grizel shared about a project she did on Hawksbill Turtles last year. Her K2 class graduated as ambassadors for these turtles and were even invited to their hatchery on Sister’s Island to release the hatchlings into the water.

Subsequently, a video about SSDB was screened to share with the children and parents what SSDB is all about and how it started. As it is the first year we are embarking on this, the children and parents were quite excited. A video that the N2 – K2 classes did was also screened. The children were proud when they saw their own faces in the videos. They did a great job introducing our theme for our project this year. Our project will be centred on Caring for Animals. Hence, we have decided to partner NParks and use their resources for the project. As such, the children made a video about the two endangered animals that will be featured. The children also did some craftwork regarding the marine animals.

We hope to raise awareness of endangered species found in Singapore and work towards conservation efforts alongside NParks. We hope to inspire the community around us to join us in our conservation efforts.

Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something!

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