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(Inactive) PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Telok Blangah Blk 78a (kn)

Low Ai Seok
27 Sep 2017

The SSDB Project 2017 - We Care (And We Should Recycle Too!)

PCF Sparkletots Preschool@Telok Blangah Blk 78A is only second year into the SSDB family, but already fourth year into our own litter-picking exercise as part of our Clean and Green initiative. 

This May, we extended our invitation to all our parents to join us as we take turns to spend an hour each day (when weather permits) to comb the neighbourhood for litter. For two weeks, we managed to clean up the void decks of neighbouring residential blocks, around the food centre, the Telok Blangah Mall atrium and the sheltered walkway behind our building.

We were grateful to parents for their warm support. Some even sent in child-size tongs and rubber gloves for their children on their scheduled dates. Quite a few K2 parents even volunteered for the N1 classes. Such kindness and patience are positive role-model for their children too! We look forward to more parents joining us in 2018!

Over the two weeks, we collected a total of 5.45 KG of litter, out of which half (51%) was trashed recyclables. It goes to show that people have been throwing things away as trash which could have been recycled, like newspapers, magazine, plastic water bottle, beverage cartons, carton boxes, etc. So, before we toss anything out, check if we could recycle them instead. And of course, aim properly into the correct bin. Do show your care for our planet Earth. We were also one of the more than 250 organizers for the national clean-up exercise coordinated by the Public Hygiene Council.

Another objective we hope to achieve was resuming our volunteer work for the elderly. We linked up with the Senior Activity Centre located at Telok Blangah Crescent home and they opened their doors to us again. Here is what happened… 

The chartered bus dropped the young volunteers off at the THK SAC@Telok Blangah Crescent on two sunny mornings in Semester One to bring cheers to the old folksThese young ones were from Nursery (AM), K1 (AM) and K2. They brought different craft projects to work on together with the old folks. First, it was little trinket cases the children would jointly decorate with the SAC folks using colourful markers; then, paper fans (reusing the excess template stocks from a previous event, but modified with pasting activities suitable for the young and old). The decorated boxes and fans were given to the senior citizens to enjoy. 

The children also performed songs with actions and invited the old folks to join them. The latter obliged sportingly, some shyly, others wholeheartedly. Young or old, everybody enjoyed themselves.

Could you also feel the happiness of the senior citizens during their quiet moments spent with the young ones? 

Children, thank you for showing that you care! Hope this will be the start of your lifelong volunteer journey. We will be dropping by for another visit in October/November time frame.

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