Siti Idahyu

Al Nasry @ Sengkang South

Siti Idahyu
17 May

The Journey Begins With Us-Campus 2 @ Sengkang South

Let us present to you our journey as we unfolds the ways to help reduce the impact of pollution. Here in Campus 2, we begin our adventure as we identify things that we can recycle. We then identify what causes pollution and what being Go Green means to us.As we explore further, we reflect that we can actually help to save Earth as we begin taking small and measurable steps to reduce pollution.

The K 1s at Campus 2 ,reflecting on what they can do to help save the environment. It includes a brainstorming session on how to reuse, reduce and recycle further reinforced the learning as a whole.

One small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind-Neil Armstrong, 1969, Moon.

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