Susela D/O K P D Moorthy

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Whampoa Blk 112 (kn)

Susela D/O K P D Moorthy
2 Sep 2017

The Giving Tree

Children discussed their prior knowledge about trees. They named parts of a tree and talked about the difference between a plant and a tree. They recognised that some trees bear fruits and some don’t. 

Children were curious to find out why trees are important and how trees contribute to humans.

Different types of spices derived from different parts of a tree or a plant were introduced. Children learnt to name the spices and used their senses to explore the different smell, textures, colours, sizes and shapes of the spices. Video clippings of how spices are produced from different plants were shown to the children. The usefulness of the spices in our daily lives was also discussed (i.e. Medicines, food, perfumes, insecticides).

To reinforce the importance of trees, the story ’The Giving Tree’ was read. Children showed awareness on the importance of appreciating trees and learnt that every part of a tree is useful in one or more ways. They discussed the importance of a tree in providing fruits, woods, papers, clean air, home for animals and shelter from hot sun.   Children developed the awareness on the consequences of chopping down the trees, how land slides are caused through the destruction of forest and the importance of the tree roots in holding the ground together.

Inspired by the story, children worked together to create their own version of 3D ‘Giving Tree’.

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