Sally Lau

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Sengkang South Blk 443 (KN)

Sally Lau
29 Aug 2017

Terrarium Fun - Fund Raising

K2 children and parents were invited to a terrarium making session on 18th August 2017. Staff from the NParks came to give a demonstration on how to create a terrarium. Children brought recycled glass jars and other materials like soil, plants, plasticine and cloth were provided.

NParks staff doing the demonstration for the respective sessions.

Children followed the steps to create their own terrarium. Parents who were present also assisted the children in the process, along with the staff.

They made use of the materials provided to form the layers.

They enjoyed the process and had fun creating their terrarium.

They came up with different designs using the plasticine as decorative to complete the terrarium.

Parents were very supportive as they not only participated in the process but also donated funds which will be channeled to the Presidents Challenge. The project was a success with children bringing their completed terrarium home joyfully.

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