Mrs Wong

Sunflower Kiddy Star Preschool

Mrs Wong
31 May 2017

Sunflower Kiddy Star Preschool: Water Rationing Exercise

Reinforcing on our children’s awareness that water is precious, our K1 and K2 children had participated in a water rationing exercise in the school to give them a real-life experience of the impact when our water tap runs dry. Parents were involved to help their children to bring a bottle (1.5litre) filled with tap water to school on 16 May 17 (Tues). Children had to pour from their own bottle of water to wash hands and brush teeth. They reminded each other to save water and even challenge each other who has the most water left at the end of the exercise. Children felt the inconvenience that there was no water from the tap and had to pour water from a bottle. This activity promoted successfully children’s learning that water is precious, the children pledged to use water wisely and are ready to be ambassadors to inspire others to save water.

Children helped to pour water from the bottle to the cup for their friend to brush teeth.

Children used water from their own bottle of water to wash their hands.

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