Zheng Mengting

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Tampines-Changkat Blk 106 (DS)

Zheng Mengting
7 Aug 2019

Start Small Dream Big Opening Ceremony (30 April 2019) - PCF Sparkletots @ Tampines Changkat Blk 106

The theme of our Start Small Dream Big project is “Care for Self and Care for Others”. Our goal in participating this project is to get students and parents to nurture healthy lives together and establish health-promoting ecosystems in our community.

With the support from our PSG members, teachers and staff, we have delivered a smooth and successful SSDB Launch Party total event attendance of over 100 pax. 

Children had an educational day-out with their parents, participated in activities like making Poha Rice Bowl, Sandwich and Fruit Satay for themselves.

The Game Stations helped parents understand children’s development in stability, loco-motor and object control skills via sports activities. 

The food stations and game stations were specially designed to ensure we provide a meaningful play for our children. 

Most importantly, both children and parents learnt about “care for self”. Care for self means we respect and take care of our Body and Mind by staying healthy and active always.

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