Claire Oh

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Grandstand

Claire Oh
28 Aug 2018

Start Small Dream Big: Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse (The Grandstand) Books and Looks

On Saturday, 21st July 2018, Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse (The Grandstand) held a charity yard sale as part of ECDA’s Start Small, Dream Big Initiative! The event was named “Books and Looks” as the yard sale sold donated clothes and books.

In preparation for the event, our parents, children and staff donated clothes and books over the course of 2 months. The teachers and staff sorted through the items, ensuring that they were clean and appropriate for the sale. In addition, the Dancing Dolphins (Kindergarten 1) and Soaring Eagles (Kindergarten 2) classes designed signs and decorations for the event. It was a school wide effort!

The charity yard sale was set up at level 2 of The Grandstand. Children from the Soaring Eagles classes were tasked to be shopkeepers and cashiers. These little entrepreneurs definitely know how to serve their customers with a bright smile and wonderful services! The children learnt and practiced their mathematical skills through the transactions, along with their public speaking and marketing skills. Despite having many children who are afraid of the public, many of them overcome the challenge and took the first step to say hello and introduced themselves to the members of the public. This experience was definitely an eye-opening experience for the children as they get to view both the business and charity aspects in different perspectives. This charity yard sales was truly a learning experience for everyone.

Through the collective efforts of everyone involved, Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse (The Grandstand) successfully managed to raise over $900 from the sales of books and clothes!

Our Kindergarten 1 children visited Jamiyah Nursing Home, our beneficiary, on Wednesday, 14th August to deliver some groceries and the proceeds from the yard sale. They also performed the local song, “Geylang, Sipaku Geylang” for the elderly! As part of SSDB’s goals, we hope that the children are able to learn the values of awareness, kindness and compassion for others and the needy during their visit to the home.

By: Janelle Yap and Nur Syahdiqin Ismail

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