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Lim Pei Ying Faith
18 Aug 2017

Start Small Dream Big - Charity Flea @ Global Tots Preschool

Little in size but great in strength, our K1 and K2 children worked closely with parents and teachers for a charity event.

Global Tots held a Charity Flea on a Saturday morning where parents and the community were invited.

Children embarked on this project with first a brainstorm session on the various aspects of a charity flea such as “who can we invite?”, “what can we sell?”, “where can we source for items to be sold?”, “why do we want to have a charity flea?”.

We also invited a teacher from Global Tots @ Admiralty to conduct a “Greet Smile Thank-you” training for the children where they learned to greet customers politely. We also touched on factors to consider when deciding on the price of an item as well as arrangement of items on sale.

The children represented their learning through a simulated flea market where they took on the roles of buyer and seller.

Taking the next step, children tapped on parents as resources to bring in items such as books, stationery, toys, clothes for sale at the charity flea.

Great thanks to the generous parents who took time out to sort, pack and bring these items over to the school. Without your generosity, this event would not have been a success.

As part of our advertising strategy, our K1 and K2 children went around the Neighbourhood giving out flyers to the residents and invited them to attend our charity flea.

Weeks before the charity flea, our children actively helped to sort out the various items and labeled the price on it with teachers’ guidance.

Finally, it’s the day of the long awaited Charity Flea. Our children came in early to set up the stalls together with the teachers.

During our short two hours of flea, our children have learned many skills. Their social skills were enhanced as they interact with adults during purchase, they took turns between peers to help with different roles such as packing the items and collection of payment.

One of the highlights of the flea was our games stall where we see children revisiting each time with big smiles on their faces.

As we come to the end of the flea, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to - the team of teachers who work closely with the children, the parents who generously donated items for the flea and the parents who took time out to drop by our flea.

It was a purposeful event to help others in little ways that we can. We look forward to more of such events where we get to contribute to the society in our own ways.

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