Aqila Binte Rosli

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Fengshan Blk 76 (CC)

Aqila Binte Rosli
18 Jul 2019

SSDB: We Can & We Care - Handmade Tokens by the Toddlers!

After the successful food donation drive, our toddlers decided to turn used plastic bottles into a cute sea creature!

“But first, let me put on my orange hat!”

The toddlers got their hands-on experience in making turtle coin banks using recyclable plastic bottles, by pasting gem stickers all over the ‘turtle shell’ for a bling!

These little hands can do great things!

They also took the time to add a splash of colour to a gift bag made out of recycled paper, to fit the turtle coin bank in and present it to the parents!

The toddlers used jumbo crayons for colouring.

Through this artwork, we hope to promote environmental awareness and develop creativity in our children as they make use of recyclable materials to create new and purposeful items. May the recipients of these special tokens be inspired to care for our environment as well!

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