Aqila Binte Rosli

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Fengshan Blk 76 (CC)

Aqila Binte Rosli
18 Jul 2019

SSDB: We Can & We Care - Handmade Tokens by N1!

After the successful food donation drive, our children from Nursery 1 collected used plastic cups, egg cartons and popsicle sticks to create a token of appreciation for the generous contributers!

Our children painted egg carton and plastic cup cut-outs using a sponge to create a flower bookmark!

After assembling the materials together, the teachers assisted them to write ‘Thank you’ on the popsicle stick, to be used as the bookmark!

Some bookmarks were written in Chinese too!

Through this artwork, we hope to promote environmental awareness and creativity in our children as they make use of recyclable materials to create new and purposeful items. May the recipients of these special tokens be inspired to care for our environment as well!

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