Aqila Binte Rosli

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Fengshan Blk 76 (CC)

Aqila Binte Rosli
18 Jul 2019

SSDB: We Can & We Care - Handmade Tokens by N2!

Our Nursery 2 children painted used plastic bottles to make a wind chime!

After the successful food donation drive, our children from Nursery 2 collected used plastic bottles at the centre within a week and put on their thinking hats to create a token of appreciation for the generous contributers!

Vitagen bottles were thoughtfully painted to create the clappers of the wind chime.

The children were given several colours to choose from and experiment with!

Large plastic bottles were also collected and painted to create the suspension platform of the wind chime.

Our children painted well and are proud to show their masterpiece off to everyone.

Our young artists expressed their creativity by mixing the colours available to make unique pieces!

Our children have put in a lot of effort to create and beautify the bits and pieces of the wind chime! They did a really great job!

Our children also took their time to decorate and colour the gift bag that was made of recycled paper, to be presented to the parents!

The children used different colouring materials such as markers, colour pencils and crayons to add a splash of colour to the gift bag!

Our wind chimes will be revealed and presented to the contributers on the presentation day, where parents are invited for an exclusive tea & sharing session at our centre. Stay tuned!

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