Stephanie Lim

YWCA West Coast CDC

Stephanie Lim
4 May

SSDB Virtual Launch 2019: A Helping Hands With a Loving Heart

The children of YWCA WEST COAST Child Development Centre had their SSDB launch project “A Helping Hands with a Loving Heart “ on 29th of April, 2019.

Helping others whole heartedly and make a difference are all things we want to instill with our children. Knowing that there is a growing demand of healthcare needs of elderly in the community, we aim to introduce and get children to be involved by helping the elderly. Community service is a great way to ensure that they will apply what they have learnt in school and for sure will have a meaningful experiences and interaction with the elderly.

In this project, young children with their parents will show their love and care for the elderly in the community at Jamiyah Nursing Home by having food ration. Lastly, the children will get to remember the moments spent with the elders through mini performance and bonding with the elderly.

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