Stephanie Wong

Paya Lebar Methodist Church Covenant Kindergarten

Stephanie Wong
21 May

SSDB Project Launch – SG Bicentennial: I Love Singapore Project

This is the fourth year that the Covenant Kindergarten has participated in SSDB. The project theme for this year is ‘Remembering the Elderly.’ As Singapore marks its bicentennial, the school embark on an Art Project titled “SG Bicentennial: I Love Singapore!.” It was a collaborative collage and we invited every child to take part in this project. It was a great time to help children understand our history, to remember the older generation (elderly) and also look forward to our future.

Besides, the art project the K1 children will be blessing the elderly in our community by visiting Ling Kwang Home for the Senior Citizens and St Luke Eldercare in Serangoon. The children will sing and dance for them.

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