Nurshahidah Binte Rohmat

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Serangoon Blk 125 (KN)

Nurshahidah Binte Rohmat
14 Aug

SSDB parental involvement and progress. Seranggoon North Kn 125

Our fund raising day is just around the corner. Everyone is so overwhelmed and busy with the preparation for the big day. Teachers and children are very occupied ensuring things are completed according to timeline. 

The K2s are committed in planting and monitoring the growth of the plants. Another group of them are engrossed in remembering their scripts and practising for their dramatisation.

These are the children from K2A. They actively bring out their plants in and out of their classrooms daily to water them and ensure the plants get sufficient sunlight. Good job kids! They grow vegetables such as microgreens and some salads to be sold on the fund raising day. 

We are very thankful to some of our parents who really take their time off work just to be part of the project. Despite their busy schedules, they assist the teachers with props, decos and signages. After school hours, they brought their children back to school after feeding them lunch, just to help out with the props and decos. How sweet of them! 

Some of the K1 parents even go into the class during stipulated time to assist with the art work for the Art gallery. They are very patient and creative. Thumbs up parents!

Till our next entry everyone, we will update more on the progress of the N2s and N1s. Wish us luck people!😉

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