Aklili Zakaria

Skool4Kidz Campus @ Sengkang Riverside Park

Aklili Zakaria
29 Apr

SSDB Launch: SKC Loves Green

‘Start Small Dream Big’ is an initiative for our young ones to give back to the community through simple everyday acts of care and kindness. Launched by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) in 2015 to celebrate SG50 and the President’s Challenge’s 15Th anniversary which aims to build an early childhood community that inculcates good values in our children and encourages them to give back to society. Our youngest has shown that no one is too young to contribute to the community and that every little effort counts. These acts of kindness go a long way in strengthening our social fabric.

This year, our campus embarked on the project with a slogan SKC Loves Green which focused on the relationship between the K1 and K2 children and their parents by cleaning up the park together. The objective of this campaign is to cultivate good value in terms of community works for the children.

“No one can do everything, but everyone

can do something”- Max Lucado

The children and all involved learnt that by keeping the park clean, they are protecting the animals and preserving the natural ecosystems.

“Eating healthy make us happy!”

After the hard work under the hot sun, light refreshments were served to the parents and children. Since the slogan this year for our centre is SKC Loves Green, we had bananas, apples, grapes, honey bunches of oats with almonds and fresh homemade barley drink.

Before the launch, the Knowledge Builders and the Ready Skoolers assisted in painting and making the SSDB banner beautiful! They picked dried leaves for the leave printing too.

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