Marissa Ida Syazwani Binte Azral

Iyad Perdaus Child Development (HG)

Marissa Ida Syazwani Binte Azral
31 Aug 2018

SSDB Launch Party

This party was organised to give more information to parents about what is Start Small Dream Big project all about. We encouraged parents to be present during the launch party as to enlighten them of the plans we had for the year. This is also to have a home-school partnership to empower parents in contributing to children’s learning and community at large.

During the party, we included the N1 to K2 children to perform for their parents. We set up booths for each recycled items and showed short videos of how we can transform recycled item to a usable item. The children were very confident and engaged during the sharing session with parents at their respective booths with guidance from the teachers.

We have decided to name our project as “T.R.A.S.H.formers” - The Responsible And Sociable Hands

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