Averbel Child Development Centre

16 May 2019

SSDB Launch party - "Keep Clean, Singapore!"

Our centre had a launch party on Tuesday, 7 May 2019 for the N1 to K2 where we focused on the importance of keeping Singapore clean and ways that we can help by doing good cleaning practices!

Our school is participating in ‘Keep Clean, Singapore!’ (KCS) as part of our first SSDB project this year! It aims to raise a collective consciousness – it’s not about cleaning, but rather, not littering in the first place. This project also aims to encourage children to keep public spaces clean and show kindness and consideration for others using shared space.

During the launch, our teacher explained about the effects of littering and bad habits at places such as the hawker centre, toilet and parks to the children.

We did a follow up activity which is the “Clean-Up the Community.” We led a group of children to clean a designated area. Our responsibility included picking up litters around our area.

Our K1 walked around the neighbourhood and picked up plastic litter!

We found unused boxes and plastic bottles during our neighbourhood walk and disposed them into the recycling bin!

This project provided children with an opportunity to work hands-on, both individually and as a group, in an effort to clean our community and keep it clean for years to come. We have high hopes for the outcome of the projects and are dedicated to making it work.

Together, we can make Singapore a beautiful home for ALL of us!

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