Norazmah Sirrat

Kidz Meadow Childcare @ Yishun

Norazmah Sirrat
18 May

SSDB Launch - "Save the Harlequin Butterfly"

On 29th April, Kidz Meadow @Yishun launched our Start Small Dream Big project by having a ribbon-cutting ceremony to the opening of our “Flower Garden” by our Principal, Madam Juriyah.

This garden will be part of our SSDB project to help save the Harlequin Butterfly. The Harlequin Butterfly is in the endangered species list and we hope to bring them back to its natural habitat.

We have started planting flowering plants at our garden to attract flowering bees, insects and butterflies, especially Harlequin butterfly.

Our children were also introduced to the Harlequin butterfly and they will help to look after the garden and keep watch of any new species that visited our garden.

We also received donated pots and plants from our parents.

We look forward to the activities that we have planned for this SSDB Project and will share more as we move along!

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