MOE Kindergarten @ Pei Tong

MOE Kindergarten @ Pei Tong

MOE Kindergarten @ Pei Tong
29 Jul 2019

SSDB Book Donation Drive

MOE Kindergarten @ Pei Tong launched our SSDB Project together with the Racial Harmony Day Celebration. It was a day filled with fun and laughter as parents and children experienced different cultural activities planned by the teachers! Most importantly, they learnt about the significance of celebrating Racial Harmony Day which also closely ties in with this year’s SSDB theme, “Learn from our Past, Dream of our Future”.

During the SSDB launch party, we shared with parents about our SSDB Book Donation Drive for the social enterprise, ‘Project Dignity’, where under one of their programmes, young adults with special needs are employed to run book kiosks that sell second hand books. We hope that through our children’s effort, they can make a contribution to the community by donating their preloved books!

Children penned down their dreams, together with their parents on how they would like to make Singapore a better home for everyone during the project launch party.

Following the project launch…

A book donation cart had been setup for children to drop their preloved books. This little act of kindness by our children had truly brought out the essence of SSDB, “No one can do everything but everyone can do something!” 

A “Dream Wall” was put up at the arrival area to remind children to continue to do good and make a difference to the community!

As we wrapped up this year’s project, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers, parents and children for coming together to do small things with great love! ❤️

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