Cabrera Anna Krystina Bolano

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Pioneer Blk 987D (CC)

Cabrera Anna Krystina Bolano
15 Apr

SSDB 2019: Young Gardeners Saving the Earth

On 12  April 2019, we, PCF Sparkletots @ Pioneer 987D, together with our community partner Pioneer Community Garden, have offically inagurated our campaign for Start Small Dream Big 2019 titled “Young Gardeners Saving the Earth.” Together with the children, parents, guardians, and community partners, we have conducted planting, transplanting, practices in taking care of the crops, and scarecrow-making activity.

As it goes with our campaign’s title ‘Young Gardeners Saving the Earth’, the children were heavily involved from planning, preparing, to making it come to life.

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