Ms Cindy

Newton Kindergarten

Ms Cindy
9 May

SSDB 2019 @ Newton Kindergarten K2 - ‘Bee’ ready to give!

It is Newton Kindergarten 3rd year participating in SSDB. This year, the K2 and Pre-nursery level collaborated to bless the elders in Newton Church by donating a bottle of honey and making origami flowers respectively.

The teachers also took opportunity to share from story about giving and blessing the community. We are also privileged to have a bee keeper from Nutrinest to share his knowledge about bees and what he would do for the collection of honey. The children were given opportunities to explore learning and discuss about ways to be a blessing to the people around us.

After all the effort from packaging and decorating the gift, all the children were so eager to shower their love to the elderly folks. They even learnt songs to sing during their presentation. Such a heart warming sight to see all the little ones giving honey to bless and show love towards our Seniors. Indeed a little effort can goes a long way and put a smile on someone’s face.

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