Kidz Kingdom Pte Ltd

Kidz Kingdom Pte Ltd

Kidz Kingdom Pte Ltd
9 Sep 2019

SSDB 2019 FINALE-                       Elders Matters, NDP blast cum commenmoration with the elderly@MHCC.

Kidz Kingdom Pte Ltd had their National Day cum Commenmoration event on 28th August 2019 in collaboration with Muhamadiyah Health Care Centre.

Prior to the celebration, a lot of preparation was done up by the children and the teachers. The children worked together with their families to sell raffle tickets to raise funds for the day care centre. Then the children bought groceries with the funds & presented them to commemorate the elderly for their contribution to our nation at the event.

The SSDB six month project set both the children and the elderly & staff on a journey filled with lots of laughter and heartfelt memories & moments. Wish to convey heartfelt thanks to Muhamadiyah Day Care Centre & Management for ordering such a big cake to mark off the NDP blast. Thank you to all parents in working together in the sales of raffle tickets. And also special thanks to our parent volunteers Mrs Andrea for making a beautiful jelly for the event & Mr Ng Choon Fatt for his bus service to transport the kids to & fro for the event. Mrs Leeza Hashim for making custard puffs & eclairs for the feast.Lastly thank you to Yakult Singapore for their valuable gifts for our children.

We could’nt have done it without you! Cheers🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻👏👏👏😃

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