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16 Apr 2018

SSDB 2018 Launch Party “I am Kind to The Earth”

K1 children of PCS Yishun is excited to embark on this year SSDB project. The first part of the project will help the children to be able to understand the importance of recycling to our environment. They will be involved in activities that will help them recognise how significant it is to reduce, reuse and recycle.

They had their celebration of SSDB launch day on the 28th of March 2018. Before the actual launching day, all children in the centre played a part in giving recyclable materials. This will be used in the activity for the said event.

On the launching day, the principal and teacher had a brief introduction of the project to the parents. K1 children and their parents had so much fun in the activities prepared for them. Parents and children together with the principal and teachers had their extra ordinary tea break in which they use recyclable materials for their drinks and food. They used mayonaise jar, and yakult and yogurt container for their drinks. They also used banana leaf as their plate to put their food.

Afterwards, parents and children enjoyed making their costume with the use recyclable materials. After creating their costume children and parents had a fashion show of their finished product.

The launch day ended with children’s singing performance. The response from the parents was overwhelming.

Moving forward, children will also be engaging in activities on water conservation. This will also help them to become aware of how they will play a part in taking care of our planet Earth by saving water and in identifying ways on how to use it properly.

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