Mrs Agnes Ong

Clementi Woods Kindergarten

Mrs Agnes Ong
23 Aug 2017

SSDB 2017 Charity Fair

The day has come … All the teachers, students, staff and parents of Clementi Woods Kindergarten were very excited especially the K2 students.

Getting ready for the Charity Fair! Our K2 students packed the harvested vegetables for sale at the Charity Fair. They also made or contributed about 8 items each in the form of handmade crafts, preowned books, stationery or toys in good condition, unused items, etc. All staff and teachers participated in the event by making, baking or contributing items for sale at the Charity Fair.

Our special agents coming together for a memorable shot!

Our special agents going all out to sell their items!!

Students from other levels of the school supported the big brothers and sisters by buying their items.

Parents came with a BIG heart. They bought items made, baked or contributed by the staff and teachers of the school. 

The entire amount of funds raised will be donated to the beneficiaries of the President’s Challenge. 

We may have come to the end of our SSDB Project for this year but it is not the end of our learning journey. This is especially so for our K2 children, who have since learned to be more loving and compassionate towards people who are disadvantaged. Below are some sharing and reflections from the K2 students after their participation in the Charity Fair. 

“I feel happy because this Charity Fair is very Fun. Sharing is caring. It is great to be able to help others.” - Kaiser Ng (K2 Victory)

“I feel happy that I can help the poor by selling my things. When the kids buy their favourite things from me, I could see the smiles on their faces and that makes me happy too!” - Sarah Quay (K2 Rejoice)

“I am very happy to help the poor people. However, I was a little sad to part with my toy bears.” - Tara Wong (K2 Kindness)

“Giving is happiness, thus I enjoyed sharing and giving away my best loved things for the needy. This act makes me feel proud and joyful.” - S. Shreejith (K2 Gentle)

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