Priyaalatha D/O Ramapri

Ramakrishna Mission Sarada Kindergarten

Priyaalatha D/O Ramapri
25 Aug 2017

Spreading Kindness!

Guess who came for our Annual Sport’s Day?

Yes! The Kindness Lion, Singa! 

With gracious support from Singapore Kindness Movement, our children were introduced to the Kindness Lion, Singa. We went on field trip to the Kindness gallery and had an virtual experince designed to understand how children can play a part in being Kind to our community.

Building on these learning experiences, our children invited the Kindness Lion Singa for our Sport’s Day. Children sang a Kindness cheer and created awareness to the public and their families present at the Toa Payoh Sport’s hall on Kindness.


Our children learned to spread kindness by giving badges with notes on Kindness during a playdate with Learning Sanctuary children. 

Join us to discover how our SSDB project paved a way to impart service learning to our children!

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