Bright Juniors @ Yishun

13 Aug

Spread kindness like confetti: Thanking community helpers who help our environment to be clean and green.

The theme for the term started with the topic of ‘Community Helpers’. This topic did not only covered the usual community helpers such as policeman, salespersons, fireman, bank officer, hawker etc, but also emphasized on recognising the contribution made by the community helpers who help us in keeping and maintaining a clean and green environment. It is nice to know that we share the same vision with these community helpers.

We discussed and planned about a treat that we can gift to these community workers. We settled on a simple and seasonal treat named ‘ Honey cornflakes with rainbow sprinkles’ as Hari Raya was just around the corner.

The children were very excited as Teacher Nisah brought in the ingredients for the baking activity. They named these ingredients and helped out in arranging the mini cupcake liners on the green tray. The children then added the ingredients into a mixing bowl, following the instructions shown on the recipe chart.

We carefully scooped spoonfuls of the mixture and placed them into each cupcake liner. We finished off with a pinch of rainbow sprinkles on top of each cupful honey cornflakes.

Look at our beautiful golden honey cornflakes!

Time to pack those honey cornflakes in cute containers.

Not forgetting the cute cards that we made to convey our appreciation for their contribution. We coloured the cards with crayons and pasted bits of colourful confetti as decorations.Our teacher helped us to jot down some words of appreciation too.

We sprung into action with a basket of the packed treats and went on our way to find these community helpers. We were very glad that we took the time to approach them and start a conversation. The expressions on their faces showed it all when they smiled and muttered ‘thank you’ upon receiving the packed treats. The children also said ‘thank you’ for helping to keep the neighbourhood clean. It was a great experience for all of us.

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