Bright Juniors @ Yishun

13 Aug

Spread kindness like confetti part 2: A visit to Happy Garden & experiencing organic farming

To reach out to community helpers in our neighbourhood, we planned a visit to a community garden in our neighbourhood. As our current theme revolves around ‘Plants’, this visit  enabled us to learn about water plants such as water lily and lotus as well as plants that grow on soil such as mint, papaya tree and chilli.

The volunteer who attended to us demonstrated ways of implementing organic farming and explained to us why it is beneficial for Mother Earth. We named various fruits and vegetables found at Happy Garden. We also discovered that plants and leaves comes in different colours too.

We overcame our fear of getting our fingers dirty as we pulled out weeds from the soil. We helped to picked up dead leaves to be discarded too. The volunteers were very friendly and offered us some fruits and vegetables to taste. As these are organic fruits and vegetables, they sure tasted sweeter!

This trip has allowed us to learn that when we are kind to the Earth, the Earth will be kind to us too and reward us with plenty of nice food to eat. We also thanked the volunteers at Happy Garden for providing us with the opportunity to learn about organic farming. We were also fortunate to witness fruits and vegetables on the bushes, on trees and on the water. We usually see them all packed nicely in the supermarkets. It was a great experience that we will always remember.

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