Priyaalatha D/O Ramapri

Ramakrishna Mission Sarada Kindergarten

Priyaalatha D/O Ramapri
25 Aug 2017

Sarada Kindergarten's SSDB Launch Party

The preparation for the launch party started getting heated up in Sarada. Children created their own “Kindness Song”. They came up with the lyrics on Kindness while our Music teacher composed music for the launch party. Parents and children combined their efforts and created noise makers using recycle materials for the launch party! Children were overwhelmed with joy to present their noise makers. Take a look at a few of our creative noise makers.

Our teachers preparing for the launch party!

On 31st March 2017, we celebrated the Launch Partyof Start Small Dream Big Project: Children As Kindness Ambassadors! Here’s a sneak preview of our launch party.

Parents play an essential role in all our projects. They added heaps of enthusiasm by organizing “pot luck” treats for adults to eat during the Launch Party. Thank you Parents!

Stay with us as we share more exciting moments that we have experienced along the journey of learning through our SSDB Project : Children As Kindness Ambassadors

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