Arianne Nokom

Sunflower Kiddy Star Preschool

Arianne Nokom
28 Aug 2018

Project Execution

The mission of our special agents commenced after our SSDB Launch on 4th of April. First, they are very engaged to learnt more plastic bags, experimented with plastic bags and explored ways to save the earth by reducing, reusing and recycling plastic bags. Through their project research, exploring and execution which spanned over a period of 3 months, the children became more aware about the harmful effects of improper disposal of plastic wastes to the environment. The “Collect to Protect” Challenge was a great success with great participation from their parents and family. Each week, children brought bagful of used plastic bags to school. The collection drive enabled the children and parents to be more mindful about proper disposal of their used plastic bags. A great amount of plastic bags was collected and children creatively upcycled these plastics bags and made into plastic mats, skipping ropes and cushions. Let’s take a look at the busy special agents meticulously working on their crafts!

Plastic Skipping Rope by N2 class

Plastic Cushion by K1 class

Plastic Mats by K2 class

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