Marissa Ida Syazwani Binte Azral

Iyad Perdaus Child Development (HG)

Marissa Ida Syazwani Binte Azral
31 Aug 2018

Playdate with Sarada Kindergarten and Ain Society

As our target is to reach out to the community, we plan for a play date with another kindergarten as well as Ain Society children.

Our K1 children went for a playdate wit Sarada Kindergarten while our N2 and K2 went for a playdate with children from Ain Society.

Before the playdate, our N1 to K2 children worked hard in creating toys using recycled items. The games that the children played during the playdate were Ring-a-Toss, Bowling, and Rabbit Hop.

After the playdate, we gave Sarada Kindergarten as set of bowling game as a token of appreciation amd ended with a demonstration of making a pencil case using recycled bottles.

Playdate with Sarada Kindergarten.

Playdate with Ain Society.

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