Brenda Chua

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Brenda Chua
31 Aug 2017

Planning for Fundraising Event

Prior to our next visit to the day care centre, we decided to show our appreciation to the elderly by holding a fundraising event. The fundraising event aims to raise dried food rations for the elderly in the day care centre. We decided to trade in children’s craft in exchange for dried food rations and our targeted individuals are families enrolled in our centre and people working in the building which our childcare centre is housed at.

The children discussed how they could play a role in the fundraising event and identified the things needed to be done. They also discussed how the can publicize their fundraising event around the building.

Using flyers and posters, the children went around the office building to share about the upcoming fundraising event. They took turns to distribute and share the details of the upcoming fundraising event with the adults.

More craft works were done by the children to raise more dried food rations for the elderly. The event was subsequently extended to everyone in the centre. Toddler children contributed to the fundraising event by baking cookies to be used as collaterals with the artworks when the members of the public brought in their dried food rations. 

N1 and K2 children contributed to the fundraising event by doing egg shell planting and plant printing to be used for exchange during the fundraising event.

We also had parent volunteer, Mr Chew to demonstrate to the children on how to do eggshell planting and care for the indoor plant.

With all the craft works and cookies ready publicity done, we are ready for our fundraising event!

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