Porchelvi D/O Marappan

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Yuhua Blk 251 (KN)

Porchelvi D/O Marappan
11 Sep 2019

PCF SPARKLETOTS PRESCHOOL @ BLK 251: 💞Love and Care💞: A Day With Our Elderly @ All Saints Home

Children visited the All Saints Home in our neighbourhood. Our K2 children sang and danced to some of our National Songs..!

The elderly in the home enjoyed the children’s performance as some of them were seen clapping and moving their bodies to the music.. They encouraged the children by clapping along.

Children interacted with the elderly by asking them questions about their favourite food, colours, hobbies and songs. Children filled the information on a questionnaire with some help from the adults. They drew a portrait of the elderly on the paper… Children were initially reluctant and unsure of what response they might get but persisted on and managed to get majority of the elderly to respond and interact with them..☺️

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