Carlie Tan Lay Choon

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Whampoa Blk 85 (kn)

Carlie Tan Lay Choon
17 Apr 2017

PCF Sparkletots Preschool  (Whampoa 85) - SSDB Launch Party

Bright and early on the morning of 28th March, our children paraded to Sungei Whampoa with their orange bucket hats and musical instruments in tow. The teachers led them in a cheer, “Keep our Sungei Whampoa Clean!” and thus kick starting our party!

We extended the invitation to parents and were pleasantly surprised with the turn out! At Whampoa 85, we pride ourselves on working closely with our children’s families and the community too! We are most thankful to have supportive parents who took the time off their busy schedules to join us!

Once at Sungei Whampoa, the children were in for a special treat! Some of K2 students performed a skit entitled, “The Little Lost Fish.” See that blue boat? It is made up of recycled and recyclable materials. That is not the best part! The best part is that it was designed and crafted by one of our parent volunteers!

The skit is about a girl who was unafraid to stand up for what she felt was right and as result, sparked a change in the habits and practices of her father and fellow villagers.

The children also sang the song, “Save My World.”

After the lovely performance, it was time for some fun and games.

The game was titled, “Dos and Don’ts” The children were tasked to identify what activities are acceptable to be carried out at Sungei Whampoa and what activities are not. Some of the pictures shown were of children picking up litter, a person feeding the fishes in the river, a man smoking, a girl painting by the river, etc.

To up the level of the game, we also encouraged the children to explain the logic behind their answers!

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