Noor Shamilah Binti Mohamed Ismail

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Cheng San-Seletar Blk 502 (CC)

Noor Shamilah Binti Mohamed Ismail
21 May

PCF SPARKLETOTS CHENG SAN - SELETAR 502 Partnering with S.E.A Aquarium

Partnering with S.E.A Aquarium provide children with the understanding on plastic that is harmful to the marine life.

As part of the collabration, the team from the S.E.A Aquarium were at our centre on 10 May 2019 to have an interactive sharing session on our topic, ‘ Marine Pollution ‘.

Children had insights about the harm the plastic could do to the marine life.

Children also shared about how they could start to do little things to refuse plastic usage.

There were many discussions made and we will unlock them individually on our weekly SSDB 2019 sharing session with the children.

Here’s the photos on the sharing session with S.E.A Aquarium team.

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