Arianne Nokom

Sunflower Kiddy Star Preschool

Arianne Nokom
24 Apr

Our Pledge to Change for Climate Change

As a closing activity, children recited their pledge to change for climate change. This gave children an inspiration to start with their new assignment to protect the Earth. Children sealed their promises with their commitment stickers that they stuck to the dirty earth to make it greener.

Now that we have enough awareness about climate change and human’s activities, we are very enthusiastic to move on to the next phase of our project. GRC are but small steps for a big dream of a greener and cooler earth, but we are glad to have started with our hopes to do something than nothing.

Children’s mission will commence with their investigation of the importance of GRC and how it helps to reduce climate change. Children’s prior knowledge and learning experiences about the 4Rs and conservation will be reinforced. Most importantly, children will be exploring gardening and its role in climate change. Watch out for our project updates, events and pictures. Please join us in this journey and together let us be the change that our dear Earth needs.

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