Mrs Nancy Teo

Sherwood Childcare

Mrs Nancy Teo
14 Aug 2017

Our Journey of Sustainability continues

Since April, our children actively engaged in the various activities surrounding the idea of Sustainability.

We monitored our Water Wall to track the amount of water we collected. Children use the collected water for their daily routine. All these information were recorded with a mobile App.

Interested to know how much water we have saved? Scan this Qr-code!

Interesting? That’s not all! We built our Solar Tower in June for the children to learn how Solar energy can be collected and stored for everyday usage.

Solar energy is collected and converted into electricity. Electricity is then stored in the Solar Tower for use when needed.

How do we use our stored solar energy?

We plant vegetables!

We build a hydroponics system in June. We use the stored solar energy to drive the water pump that is critical in providing nutrients to the vegetables.

These three pieces of equipments demonstrate to our children the importance of conserving natural resources and how we can produce food without leaving too big a foot print on the Earth we share

A lot has been done. What’s next?

Movingng ahead with our journey of Sustainability, we further improved our hydroponics system. We have it upgraded to a aquaponics system that uses water from a fish pond instead of chemical nutrients for the vegetables.

A fish pond was installed in July. After about a month of running in, we commissioned our aquaponic system in early August. At the same time, a second set of vegetable bed was added to the system to double our production capacity.

Our children can now feed the fishes when they are in our campus and have real “garden grown” vegetables harvested from our hydroponics system. More importantly, they get to appreciate how renewable energy and natural resources can be effectively used in our daily life through working on the Water Wall, Solar Tower and Aquaponics systems.

We hope this small start in our Journey in Sustainability can get our children to dream of what they can contribute to the Earth We Share.

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