Alexis Lim

My First Skool @ Compassvale Walk Blk 230

Alexis Lim
30 Apr

My First Skool- Compassvale Walk Blk 230 (SSDB Soft Launch - Caring for the Elderly,  Caring for the Less Fortunate

At our centre, we believe in teaching the children and encouraging them to work with the community around them. Therefore, our centre’s first SSDB project focuses on working the community to give back to the elderly and less fortunate! During the soft launch, the children reflected on how they could make their own contribution to society, to help the elderly and less fortunate.

As part of working with the community, our centre will also be holding a workshop for parents to allow them to have a better understanding of their involvment in this project. We believe that our children will have a great time learning, gaining experiences and values from this project!

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