Mrs Kwan

Agape Sengkang

Mrs Kwan
30 Aug 2017

Make Every Drop Counts. Save Water; Save the Earth.

“No dreams too big; no child too small. Our dreams today are our hopes for tomorrow.”

That was what children from Agape Little Uni. @ Sengkang believed in when they embarked on their “Start Small Dream Big” project. They wanted to save water in order to save the earth. They watched videos on water conservation, learnt the songs “Save my World” and “Let’s go save water”. From these videos, they aspired to help “Water Wally” fight against wasting water.

On their journey, they discovered the importance of water conservation and how the lack of it would cause harms to lives and their environment. They researched ways to conserve water including interviewing people around them. They visited the NEWater plant where they learnt about the four taps of Singapore and walked through the water purification process to make water.

To recycle and reuse water, the children helped to wash toys and cloths and used the water to water the plants. The children learnt that rubbish could cause harms to the environment and our water. So, they participated in the “Keep Clean Singapore” campaign and picked up rubbish around the neighbourhood.

After learning ways to use water wisely, they designed posters, did show and tells, went around to educate the community and started saving water at home. To conclude our SSDB project, the parents participated in a “Biggest Water Saver” contest organised by the centre to help their children fulfil their dreams to make every drop count and save water to save the earth.

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