Arianne Nokom

Sunflower Kiddy Star Preschool

Arianne Nokom
24 Apr

Live TV Performance of Times Then & Now

Children’s wonderment about what are the human’s activities that affect the earth was answered through a short drama presentation by K2 children. The drama served like a time machine that enabled the children to have a glimpse of the past – the kampong way and also an eye-opener that enabled them to see what will be the effects of the current activities in the long run. They were able to compare the different activities during kampong days that helped to maintain the earth green such as gardening, reusing things and playing outdoor versus the various activities now that harmed the earth like cutting of trees, generating more wastes, and excessive use of gadgets for play.

This has created children’s awareness of how human’s activities become a very big contributing factor in climate change. The Live TV performance did not just engage the children watching and performing, it also gave them a meaningful experience in knowing what caused the changes in the earth and how it can affect our environment and our lives even more in the future if these current activities will continue.

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