Cambridge CDC @ Dairy Farm

Cambridge CDC @ Dairy Farm

Cambridge CDC @ Dairy Farm
16 May

Little Marine Explorers, Saving the Marine Life : Pick up Litters

We integrated our Parents Day Celebration with our SSDB project focus on “Marine Conservation for the Future”.

We invited our parents to join their child in their learning journey to save the marine life for the future by picking up litters in the park and beach at Pasir Ris Park on 10 May 2019.

Parents, children and teachers worked together as a team to move around the area to pick up as much litters and recyclables.

All were briefed on the safety rules and were given gloves to pick up the litter with and plastic bags to toss their “treasures” in.

The children discovered that there are more litters on the beach than the park.

If we continue on with our habits of throwing litter on the ground especially at the beach area, more sea creatures will die and in a long term, sea creatures will be extinct and our future generations would not have the chance to see or know what are sea creatures and how do they look like.

If we do our part in small ways such as throwing our litters into the bin, recycling materials whenever we can, we can help save the environment especially the marine life and allowing our future generations a cleaner and greener space to live in.

No one can do everything but everyone can do something.

We extended the event with fun games and activities, and a surprise from the children to their parents to appreciate them for what they have done for their children.

Following on, a family and friends gathering with a picnic lunch by the beach. This helps the children, staff and parents to appreciate and get closer to nature!

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitute and appreciation to our lovely parents for their great support and involvement. Not forgetting the staffs and children at Cambridge Dairy Farm for planning and organizing this learning journey!

We look forward to our next part of our learning journey to learn more about Marine Conservation in June 2019!

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