Susela D/O K P D Moorthy

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Whampoa Blk 112 (kn)

Susela D/O K P D Moorthy
1 Sep 2017

Little Green Plants

Based on their prior knowledge about plants, children named some of the different kinds of plants around them. They related how some of their plants died and some did not grow and attempted to make predictions on why it happened.Based on what they have seen during their walk, children wanted to find out why leaves turned brown and what contributed to the weight of the watermelon heavy and how it grows. They were also curious to find out the importance of a bird house.

During their learning journey, children used their senses to touch, feel and smell plants. They had hands on activities in observing leaves of different colours, sizes and shapes and as well as how dried leaves drop from a tree. Furthermore, the importance of understanding the different parts of plants was discussed. They carried out seed planting to observe seed germination process and learnt the basic needs of seeds to grow into a plants (air, water, sunshine and soil).

Watching video clipping of how fruits turn into flowers, children learnt that not all flowers turn into fruits.

They also observed a watermelon vine and made attempts to carry a watermelon. Through different activities, children learnt that the wtermelon’s juice contributed to the weight of the fruit. They also learnt that fruits carry seeds of the plant.

Discussions were done to develop children’s awareness on how birds and other animals depend on trees to make their home. Children observed a real nest and showed curiousness in knowing how birds build their nest. They displayed awareness on the importance of a tree as a home for animals and that bird houses are built by people as a way of providing nest for birds.

To conclude their learning journey, children worked as a group to create their own 3D watermelon patch and bird houses.

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