Padmini D/O Baskaran Mrs Padmini Suresh

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Keat Hong Blk 411 (KN)

Padmini D/O Baskaran Mrs Padmini Suresh
26 Aug 2018

Let's Plant

Objective: Plant some green beans, discuss and predict the outcome of the green beans.

After reading the story “Jill and the Beanstalk”, children were asked to plant some green beans in wet cotton and plastic cups. Teacher distribute some green beans and plastic cups with cotton for the children to plant the green beans. Teacher ask children to write their name on the paper and paste it to the plastic cup. Children wet their cotton wool in the cup by pouring in two tablespoons of water each. After that, they put the green beans onto the wet cotton wool inside the cup. Then, they discuss and predict what may happen to their green beans in a few days.

After 2 days of planting the green beans, children were very happy to see their green beans because it sprouted already.

After 5days children brought home their plant.

Most of the children continue to water their green bean and told the teacher that their green beans grow nicely because of pouring water and putting it under the sun.

Children enjoyed and learned the importance of planting to keep our country green.

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