Azlin Binte Ali

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Ulu Pandan Blk 24 (DS)

Azlin Binte Ali
6 Aug 2019

Let’s Reach Out! 👐🏻

This year, our focus was about caring for our environment through recycling and gardening. Together with the celebration of our Merdeka Generation, we also showed our appreciation towards the elderly in this project.

We started off by unboxing the SSDB package and introducing it to our K1 and K2 preschoolers. They were full of excitement and eager to embark on this project! To further spark their interest, they were given the opportunity to create Sharity and Friends finger puppets at home.

To begin, the children were involved in keeping the school’s neighbourhood clean by playing the role of little environmental officers through walking around the premises and picking up litter.

Next, we encouraged families to contribute in bringing recycled plastic bottles which would be transformed into bottle planters. During our Parents’ Day Celebration, we invited parents to work together with their child in creating their personalized bottle planters. And we were amazed with the creativity and effort the families put in doing it!

With the belief that home-school partnership is important in children’s lives, we collaborated with our families once again in brainstorming and deciding the type of plant they would like to grow in their bottle planters.

The children brought their plants to share in class before putting them in our school garden. Examples of plants that they have grown were onions, lettuce and many more! Everyday, they would take turns to take care of the plants by watering and checking on them.

After weeks of hardwork, it’s harvesting time! They gathered all the plants that they have grown and used them to make their very own vegetable salad. A yummy reward indeed!

According to an African proverb, “The youth walk faster but the elderly knows the road”, we felt that it’s imperative for our young generation to develop relationship with the elderly through regular interactions. Therefore, our K1 and K2 visited ActiveGlobal Senior Care Centre and Active Aging Hub every Thursday to be engaged in inter-generation collaboration. Activities such as music and movement, arts and crafts and games were prepared for the children and elderly to participate together. On top of that, we also celebrated different events like Racial Harmony Day, Parents’ Day and many more so as to provide memorable experiences not only for the children but for the elderly as well.

With this, we would like to take this opportunity to thank SSDB for initiating this platform for our young children to develop good values and to encourage them to give back to society. We would also like to thank our families and ActiveGlobal Senior Care Centre for working together with us. And of course, to our K1 and K2 children for making this year’s project possible. With your enthusiasm, we were able to “Reach Out” to the different parties; Environment, Families, Elderly and our Community. Kudos to all! 🎉

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